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Introduction to Big Data Training

Get introduced to big data and the challenges associated with handling it. Understand the different ways to manage the big data problem and how Hadoop fits in this role.

Introduction to Hadoop Framework

Master the Hadoop framework, Hadoop federation, and the features of Hadoop that makes it an unparalleled framework for processing big data.


Understand MapReduce with detailed discussions on various MapReduce phases and data processing for various file format along with real-world examples.

Apache Spark

Learn about Core functions of Spark and Spark Shell ,In-Memory Management ,Work with various API’s in Spark ,Resilient distributed datasets ,Properties of RDD ,Creating RDDs Transformations in RDD,Actions in RDD,learn Spark Streaming ,Walkthrough of various Spark streaming sources,Custom receivers,Sliding window operations on DStreams,Streaming UI overview,Checkpointing,Spark SQL & MLlib,SchemaRDD and data frames Integration with Spark streaming,Graphx


Learn about Kafka Producers,Consumers,Cluster,Installation,use cases of producer and consumer API,configuring producers and consumers,Constructing a Kafka Producer ,Mandatory Properties of Producer ,Creating Kafka Producer ,Ways of sending messages AVRO Serialization ,Schema Registry,Kafka Streamings,Kafka Consumer Groups ,Partition Rebalancing ,Java API ,Reading Messages ,Committing Offsets

Apache Pig

Understand Apache Pig by contrasting it with MapReduce. Sift through various data types and explore data processing techniques using Pig. Learn to deal with exceptional scenarios using UDFs and by optimizing Pig Query.


Get introduced to Hive and its similarity with SQL. Understand the architecture of Hive, databases creation, tables, and perform various operations using Hive.


Learn about NoSql database and difference between HBase and relational databases. Explore features of the NoSQL databases, CAP theorem, and the HBase architecture. Understand the data model and perform various operations.

Sqoop and Flume

Import and export data from traditional databases, like SQL, Oracle to Hadoop using Sqoop to perform various operations. Master import streaming of data to Hadoop using Apache Flume.


Learn about Oozie and implement it in the workflow to schedule a Hadoop job.


June 23, 2017 — 9:00 am to
July 31, 2017 — 6:00 pm

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A-212, Double Road,, Domlur 2nd Stage